Friday, January 22, 2010

The Aden and Caitlyn Show!

We are getting married! Well, at least as far as we are concerned it is marriage. We just have chosen not to get the actual marriage license. We are content that we decide that we are married. We do not feel someone else should have the right to tell us what we have already committed to each other and what we feel in our hearts. So, as far as we are concerned, our wedding ceremony is coming up soon!

We are both very excited about the upcoming ceremony. The ceremony date is actually our 3 year anniversary for the day we met and began this wonderful journey. The ceremony is scheduled for May 25th, 2010 in Tacoma, Washington at a local Bed and Breakfast! We have worked together to write the entire ceremony including vows to ensure that this is exactly the ceremony we desire.

The majority of the big planning has been completed. We are now in the fine tuning and trying to pay for everything stage. I am working on a web site to show our progress and to showcase our actual love story online. The Aden and Caitlyn Show is being updated daily. There, you can see our story, past, present, and watch us dream for the future. There is much work to be completed on the site. Unfortunately, I was sick most of the past two weeks, so I was not able to get as much done as I would have preferred. I suppose this means I will be working in overdrive this weekend.

We created the invitation after reviewing several invitation design options online. We will be having a very select few printed. Mostly, we prefer to do things online because it is economically and environmentally friendly. We have been working very hard to make everything as environmentally friendly as possible.

Here are the quick facts:

The Place: We are holding the ceremony at a friend's Bed and Breakfast. It is simply beautiful. Her garden area will be candlelit for the ceremony.

Ceremony Colors: White, Black, and Purple

Flowers: Calla Lily's, Gerber daisies, and mini roses

The Dress: The dress is beautiful. We had a list of specific criteria we wanted in the dress and managed to locate it within budget rather quickly. The back of it has a corset closure. Very nice! Now to lose a few pounds before the fitting!

The Cake:

The cake is going to be white chocolate with a vanilla bean ganache filling. It will be frosted with white fondant and decorated with flowers (we are leaning toward miniature white roses and dark purple calla lillies). Right now we are looking more for something similar to this style:

The Cake Topper: The topper shares the whimsy in our relationship, and was immediately chosen by both of us. This topper just makes me giggle with laughter!

The Music:

Each song has been hand selected and approved by both of us. Aden will be compiling everything together for the ceremony over the next few weeks.

The Ceremony:

We have put together our own ceremony including vows. The ceremony itself should last 25-30 mins approximately. Included in our ceremony is a handfasting ceremony, ring exchange, and a rose ceremony. All of the vows for the commitment ceremony have been customized/created by us. There are a few places that are still a bit rough but we are quickly finalizing those important details.

Invited Guests:

We are inviting between 25-50 of our closest friends and family members. We are wanting to keep this a rather small and intimate event.

We are having a professional photographer taking pictures for us. We are actually purchasing all digital copies and will have a hard bound album created. We are currently determining specific poses and photos that we are wanting to make sure are taken during the ceremony and before/afterwards.

We have arranged to spend some time pampering ourselves. We have a massage therapist there early before the ceremony for us, and our friend that owns the B&B is preparing a special lunch for us that day. We are also considering soaking in the jacuzzi before we get dressed. We are hoping to have this day be very peaceful and happy. Kind of goes with our lifestyle which tends to be a drama free zone. We prefer quiet and peaceful living.

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