Monday, January 31, 2011

GF Salmon Croquettes

I first learned of salmon croquettes when I moved to Mississippi in the summer of 1991. My mother-in-law, shared many of her southern recipes with me before she passed away. Although I have made this recipe my own with a few small adaptations, it is originally from my late mother-in-law's recipes that she handed down to me. Of course the most recent change to the recipe was to remove all gluten. I am happy to be able to continue this southern family tradition.

One of the changes I have made in Pat's original recipe was to buy the salmon fresh, not to use canned salmon. Living in Seattle, fresh salmon is fairly inexpensive and readily available so this change made good sense. I believe in trying to buy as many of my ingredients fresh and local as possible. I don't like to buy things that have been trucked in or imported. I also try to avoid processed foods. Additives and preservatives are not always necessary. By using fresh salmon, not canned salmon, I am improving the quality of the food I am feeding to my family and keeping it environmentally friendly.

Another change I have made to the original recipe is to remove celery. I just don't find it necessary. Some people do. This is not something that I feel makes a big difference to the final flavor. I did find an improvement in the flavor by adding shallots along with bell pepper to the recipe.

Originally, this recipe contained Ritz crackers and flour. Although it would be easy to make the recipe with gf versions of these items, I see dollar signs when I review the different gf crackers for sale in the grocery store. My goal with converting this recipe is to keep the recipe economically friendly.

GF Salmon Croquettes

3 pounds fresh salmon
2 large eggs, beaten well
1 shallot, minced tiny
3-4 cloves garlic, grated
1 red bell pepper, minced tiny
1/2 cup gf bread crumbs (I used crushed gf cereal)
4 tablespoons Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Flour
4 teaspoons Old Bay Seasoning
2 teaspoons thyme

Yields: Approximately 16 patties (4 inch wide/1 inch thick)

Serve with my GF Homemade Dill Sauce.

Step 1: Carefully remove skin and bones from salmon.

Step 2: Cut Salmon into 2 inch squares and place in food processor.

Step 3: Using pulse on food processor, give a rough grind to the salmon until it is in a hamburger like consistency.

Step 4: Place ground salmon into very large bowl. Add ingredients. Mix well.

Step 5: Grease cast iron griddle and bring to nice hot temperature. If it is smoking, it is too hot, turn the temperature down a little bit.

Step 6: Form patties from the salmon mixture and place them onto hot griddle. Wash hands. Pour olive oil around outside of patties mid-way through cooking on one side to help keep patties from sticking. When there are nice brown charred marks on salmon patty, flip to cook the other side. Immediately add more olive oil to the griddle around the patties to help keep patties from sticking. This also adds a nice flavor to the croquettes.

Step 7: One by one, remove salmon patties from the grill and place onto a plate lined with paper towel to absorb any extra oil.

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