Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Beautiful Morning

I live in Tacoma, Washington which is not far from Seattle. It rains here A LOT. I had a nice little surprise when I woke up. My birds (sweet little parakeets) were happily singing away to the sunshine peeking in through the mini blinds. It was not raining, in fact it looks beautiful outside. Then I noticed that I am not hurting...anywhere. I am not tired. I do not have a headache. What a wonderful and welcome way to wake up.

I enjoyed a piece of toast from our homemade loaf of bread with a generous amount of almond butter spread on top of it along with a glass of freshly made carrot-apple juice. What more can I ask for in a morning? I am finding myself quite happy and content today. I believe I am going to get out of bed and enjoy the sunshine and my pain-free existence.

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