Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gluten Free Diet - Day 6

Another day free from pain. I want so badly to believe that this new diet is what is making me not hurt. I want to believe that I have found the answer to why I have been so sick. I am also scared to believe. I am so afraid that it is just a coincidence and that I am going to wake up in a day or two back in pain. But I realize that fear won't get me anywhere so I keep pressing forward.

This morning, I started with a small glass of cold almond milk, sunflower butter on the last of the cinnamon bread, and thin slices of a Fuji apple. I have a school project that I am working on, so I have been rather preoccupied trying to get that done.

At lunch, my husband put together beautiful taco salads using left over ground chicken, white beans, spinach, organic corn chips from Trader Joe's, and rice cheese. I have really grown to enjoy the taco salads my husband makes me for lunch, but for some reason this one really hit the spot. Maybe because I was so hungry from all of that homework.

As the day continued, it became apparent that my homework was going to take the entire day and night. Thankfully, I had made plenty of salmon croquettes the night before so we were able to have left over salmon croquettes with a spinach and pear salad my daughter prepared and spiral sliced sweet potato fries my husband was craving. Dinner was delicious, and my homework was taking forever to complete.

Finally, at 4:30am on Day 7, I was finally finished with my school homework and able to go to sleep. It had been a very long day.

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