Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gluten Free Diet - Day 7

Today is the end of our first full week of eating gluten free. We made it. I was worried that it would be difficult to remove the gluten from our diet, but am starting to realize that with just a little thought and advanced preparation, eating gluten free is not all that difficult.

For breakfast this morning, we had gluten free boxed cold cereal with Rice Dream rice milk. Breakfast was very late, almost at lunch time because of yesterdays late night homework-a-thon. This caused me to have breakfast for lunch.

For dinner, I decided to try my hand at baking fresh hot buttermilk biscuits to go with my husbands tasty omelets. I decided to use my normal recipe but simply to substitute the wheat flour with GF All Purpose flour. I noticed that the consistency reminded me of sugar cookies. The dough was not super sticky like I was accustomed to with wheat flour. I baked them for the same amount of time. The only change was that I used gf flour and that the biscuits were baked 25 degrees lower.

My family has decided that these gf biscuits are actually more light and tender than the ones made with the wheat flour. They were very yummy! What a wonderful way to end our first full week of living gluten free!

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