Monday, February 14, 2011


Since we are not making dinner tonight, I decided I would go ahead and post the recipe from the Jambalaya that we made this weekend. This is my own recipe that has been altered just a tad to make it gluten friendly. I have used it for years. The changes made were minimal, so there is virtually no real difference in taste, but lots of difference to my health. For this I am thankful!

NOTE: Most people use celery in their Jambalaya, however, my sweet husband does not care for it in his food so I omit the celery. Instead I add extra bell peppers. You can raise the recipe to 1 whole green bell pepper plus 3-4 celery stalks if you prefer.


4 chicken breasts (skinned, bones removed, boiled, diced - reserve broth)
4 cups chicken broth (use packaged broth if needed)
1/2 pound Andouille sausage (sliced into bite sized pieces)
1 1/2 pound shrimp, medium (peeled and de-veined)
1 large can (28 oz) diced tomatoes
4 tsp butter
1 medium onion (medium diced)
1/2 bell pepper, green (seeds removed, diced)
1/2 bell pepper, red (seeds removed, diced)
1/2 bell pepper, yellow (seeds removed, diced)
4 cloves garlic (minced)
3 bay leaves
2 teaspoon Gluten Free Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp. Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning
2 tsp. Sea Salt
1 tsp. Thyme
1/2 tsp. Oregano
4 cups cooked white or brown rice


1. Boil chicken. Reserve chicken broth. Remove chicken from pan and dice into bite sized pieces. Place chicken and broth into a large crock pot.

2. Cut Andouille sausage into bite sized slices. Place into skillet on medium. Cook until there is a slight char on the edges. Place cooked Andouille sausage into the crock pot with the chicken and broth.

3. In skillet, combine onions and bell peppers in skillet with 4 tsp butter. Saute until limp, translucent, and slightly brown along the edges. Add the garlic and cook for just a little bit longer, maybe 1-2 minutes. Dump into crock pot.

4. Add Gluten Free Worcestershire sauce, thyme, oregano, Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning, sea salt, and bay leaves along with can of tomatoes to crock pot. Turn onto high. Cook for 4 hours checking to ensure it has not dried out. Keep water level just above ingredients by at least 1/2 inch. Add water as needed.

5. Remove bay leaves.

6. Serve over cooked rice.

Many people like to add hot sauce such as Tabasco to their jambalaya. I tend to season the meal lightly and allow each individual the opportunity to spice it a bit hotter in their own bowl. This way it works well for everyone.

Good to serve with corn bread. While I do not have a recipe for this yet, we have simply used the Bob's Red Mill Corn Bread Mix to make ours.

To make the rice, we use jasmine rice in a rice steamer. We substitute chicken broth in place of the water. You can use minute rice, boil in a bag rice if you prefer. I find the chicken broth adds a richer flavor for the beans and rice. You could use a vegetable broth instead if you are vegan or water if you are trying to lower the cost.

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