Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Daily Bread

Happy Valentines Day!

After celebrating last night with friends, today is going to be a quiet day at home. Mostly a day of rest and left-overs. There has been a lot of cooking going on, and there are a few left overs that need to be eaten. I dislike it when there is food waste, so today is left over day. Having said this, we are out of bread so it is time to make a fresh loaf.

My husband and I decided to try a few gluten free bread recipes from around the web to learn more about the process of baking gluten free and gain a little more experience baking with different ingredients. This morning we chose to make a loaf of bread from the Gluten Free Cooking School, Finally, really good sandwich bread.

The recipe is really quite simple to make. My husband and I teamed up on it, but it really does not require a team effort, we just like to cook together. The clean up was simple, and the bread came out of the oven smelling awesome. It slid right out of the pan onto the baking rack with ease. And about 10 minutes later, we sampled our warm, fresh out of the oven bread with sweet, organic butter and pear jelly. Oh my gosh! This bread is so yummy! Almost tastes like the stuff we ate before going gluten free. We are pleased.

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