Monday, February 7, 2011

The Price of Bread

Currently, we are shopping at 7 different grocery stores to get everything we need to support our gluten free diet. Luckily, all of the stores are rather close together. I am working to locate a better system in order to purchase all of the wonderful things our bodies need without spending so much time shopping.

I am also hoping to find a way to lower expenses. In reviewing my grocery budget, I have noticed that we are spending a lot more than normal due to our transition to a gluten free diet. I am accepting being over budget for now while we restock our pantry and learn a new way to eat. Hopefully, we will be able to bring the costs down to a reasonable amount in the very near future.

Gluten free shopping is so expensive. My husband and I bought a loaf of gluten free bread at a local bakery for $7.50 several days ago. That is for just one loaf of bread. It was delicious, but the expense was tremendous. We will not do well paying such high prices on unemployment. At this point, we either need to make our own gluten free bread, or go without bread altogether. After having a talk with my sweet husband, we went to the grocery store and picked up a package of Bob's Red Mill Bread Mix for almost $6.00. Of course this is not much less expensive than buying a ready-made loaf of bread from the bakery, but it is where we are starting today.

The bread turned out nice, it was much better than expected to be honest. I guess it is time to start doing more research on how to make gluten free bread so that we can afford to continue eating it. I am scared because I have read in a few places that it is very difficult or tricky to bake gluten free bread. I so badly want to make my families meals enjoyable for them. I do not want them to feel like they are being punished because of my special dietary restrictions.

So the journey begins...

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